west first interior

David Workman joined forces with Scott Unfried in the summer of 2006 to open West First Wood-Fired and to take on the responsibilities of running the Flat Rock Village Bakery. He has been working as a baker since his first bakery job in Missoula, Montana in 1994. Much of his experience has been on the job, although he has been to San Francisco Baking Institute several times for professional training. Before joining up with Scott, he was the head baker at City Bakery in Asheville, N.C. for 7 years. His focus has shifted from just bakery production to managing all aspects of a busy bakery/café. During his limited free time, he runs, cycles, and enjoys time with his daughters, Isabel and Iris. He also passionately tends a vegetable garden providing access to fresh organic veggies.

In 2001, Scott Unfried left his editorial job in the San Francisco Bay Area, and began baking organic brick oven breads as the Flat Rock Village Bakery. Initially the offerings were limited to three types of hand kneaded organic brick oven breads but quickly the menu grew to include dark roasted coffees, monstrous sticky buns, and our now infamous scones. Initially the breads were offered through a window at the back of the Wrinkled Egg gift shop, but in subsequent years indoor and outdoor deck seating were added.

Today the bakery is flourishing under the direction of experienced baker and co-owner David Workman who has greatly increased the products offered to include over a dozen different varieties of breads,

loads of pastry including danish, muffins, biscotti, and croissants, and a wide range of lunch items including wood-fired pizzas, organic salads, scratch soups (in season) and rustic sandwiches.

Every day The Flat Rock Village Bakery fulfills its mission to create a heart for the community of the historic Village of Flat Rock. The Bakery provides the highest quality artisan breads and pastries using the best ingredients and traditional "from scratch" methods.