The mission of the Flat Rock Village Bakery and West First Wood-Fired is to enhance our community by producing top quality foods, providing an exciting environment conducive to social interaction, and by returning profits to the community through fair wages and charitable donations. From the beginning, our philosophy has been to use the best quality ingredients, employ the best people available, and not to underestimate our customers.

We have also chosen to promote food craft by hiring skilled culinary artisans, training our associates in traditional processes, and increase knowledge by participating in workshops and classes.

Our experienced bakers use natural leavening and a variety of

preferments to construct our organic hand shaped loaves which are then baked in a massive wood-fired brick oven.

The laminated doughs used for croissants and danish are rolled by hand and everything we bake receives the closest attention.

Our pizzas are made with prefermented organic whole wheat dough and stretched as thin as possible in the neo-neopolitan style before being topped with top quality ingredients including Prosciutto di Parma and our own hand pulled fresh mozzarella.

Our massive wood-fired oven is visible from inside the bakery, and if you look carefully you can see our bakers mixing, rolling, and baking our breads and pastries from scratch.