Scott Unfried is the founder of Flat Rock Village Bakery and co-owner of West First Wood-Fired. His multifaceted business path includes editing math software in Silicon Valley, driving a dump truck in South Florida, butchering fish in San Diego, and producing honey from a thousand colonies of bees in rural Iowa. He began baking wood-fired breads in Sonoma County California, and apprenticed with some of the San Francisco bay area's best bakeries including Wildflower Bakery in Freestone, CA. He also apprenticed with wood-fired oven guru Alan Scott, and attended the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. His free time is spent embarrassing his daughters and riding his bike in Pisgah Forest.

Kenny Martinez, a native of New Orleans, is the founding chef of West First Wood- Fired.  He received his formal culinary education from the highly acclaimed Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. His impressive culinary career includes working with Christian Gille at The Westin Canal Place and Gunter Preuss at the Versailles in New Orleans. He also served as Executive Chef at the Killarney Royal Hotel in County Kerry, Ireland. In addition to his passion for the culinary arts, Kenny enjoys teaching Tai Chi and riding his motorcycle on the rural roads of Henderson County.

West First Wood-Fired is designed to connect diners with the processes that create the food they are enjoying. From the moment one enters the loft-style restaurant, everything reinforces the value of the unique, celebrates the handcrafted, and honors a commitment to quality.

An imposing glass mosaic tiled oven stands like an altar at the center of a dynamic open kitchen where cooks rhythmically perform the culinary rites and pizzas are tossed, pastas are sautéed, and homemade desserts are carefully plated.

Observing the transformation of food from simple ingredients to a transcendent meal is an almost magical experience. When food is

graciously and carefully prepared, the diner can not only enjoy the quality of the food, but also experience a connection to the people and processes that produced it... and that is the mission of West First... to reconnect us to the food we eat, its preparation, and the multi leveled enjoyment that the sharing of food can provide.