west first interior

The day starts early at the Flat Rock Village Bakery. The bakers stoke the massive wood-fired oven and begin boiling bagels, hand rolling pastry dough and slashing the loaves for baking. As the sun comes up the aroma of fresh baked bread and dark roasted coffee fills the air. The regular patrons arrive early for organic brick oven breads, rustic pastries, tarts, scones, biscotti, or a variety of muffins. Some of the fresh loaves are transported to the downtown restaurant West First Wood-Fired where the chefs are busy preparing for lunch. Both Flat Rock Village Bakery and West First Wood-Fired offer wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, rustic soups, and fresh salads during the lunch hours.

They also use authentic Prosciutto Di Parma, organic field greens, and

loads of fresh herbs and produce- much of it local when in season.

When the restaurant opens, the diners are greeted with the smell of freshly baked thin crust pizza mixed with the aroma of fresh garlic and herbs, and they see the flash of the sauté pans in the open kitchen along with the clink of glasses being filled with our signature cocktails, American craft beers or eclectic wines.

The loft-style dining room is a feast for the eyes and features an ornately tiled brick oven, large stained glass windows, and intriguing paintings- all produced by local artists.